Pokemon Go and Further Business Development Opportunities

Pokemon Go 2

Pokemon Go hype resulting Nintendo stock rose sharply on the last monday. The first game in the world to be an augmented reality based is clear evidence that innovation in the business world will provide a competitive advantage for every innovator. Pokemon Go is not intensively downloaded, but also creating a hype story discussed by gamers, bloggers, even the mainstream media in the world.

What Makes it So Interesting and Special?

The first reason of course is because of this is a the world’s first augmented reality game based on. Augmented reality indicates that this game is not only on a real time online basis but also active real life, where gamers who play it must move around and play it in the real world. Pokemon Go will likely to create a community of gamers (which becoming as trends in online gaming today) and therefore has a lot of potential business that can be recognized and developed by both Nintendo and the world’s major corporations.

Product Placement

Pokemon Go game apps has a GPS mode by using Google Maps technology and camera mode when meeting Pokemon. It can be used by large corporations to do a product placement, such as cooperation with Pokemon embedded on products that will be offered by using a barcode, for example.

Outlet Endorsement

Gym as a fighting mode gamers (trainer) could be a good opportunity for businesses of restaurants, cafes and various places to hangout. Rumors, there have been several big restaurants and cafes companies already offered a proposition, where they offer their outlets to be the gym as a place for gamers to fight and of course hangout while enjoying some sandwich or latte’s.

E-Commerce Coin

To get Pokeballs (a tool to capture Pokemon), gamers can get in Pokestops or buy it using a coin. There are possibility of this coin will be sold via e-commerce. The are several of gamers who do not want to be bothered to develop from scratch, and demanding for a certain easiness. This could be a potential business.

Financial Support From Industry

Because of e-commerce require financial transactions, the role of the financial industry such as banking will also provide values to Pokemon Go user. As and example, transfer of money, or even buy a coin and various attributes Pokemon that will be developed later.

Buy & Sell Pokemon Account

There are also some possibility of buying and selling Pokemon account like Ragnarok hype in Indonesia several years ago. It is almost the same as coin, gamers who did not bother probably be buying Pokemon already high level, and there will be gamers who are bored and want to make money.


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