Pokemon Go From the Consumer Behavior Perspective

Pokemon Go 4

Despite of the Pokemon Go hype today really took the world and creating financial impact for for Nintendo, there are a number of opinions that say that the emergence of Pokemon Go will not last long. Jan Rezab article, founder & chairman of Socialbakers in Pulse Linkedin entitled Why Pokemon Go Is Not Here To Stay For Most People even bet that Pokemon Go will not be in the top 10 most popular apps in the next 12 months. One reason is because the behavior of gamers who is too lazy to move every day. The next question is how to looked Pokemon Go from the perspective of consumer behavior?

Pokemon Go is a game based on augmented reality, something that completely new and revolutionary in the world of gaming. We know that something new is going to cause euphoria and trends. The presence of young people as an early adopters will be very instrumental in the early days of Pokemon Go. But, will the Pokemon Go sink and disappear as Jan Razab prediction?

In a really new category such as augmented reality, it is too early to say whether Jan Razab forecast is  right or wrong. We did not have any reference to the behavior of gamers on games based on augmented reality like this. Gary Vaynerchuck, one influencer on LinkedIn in his article titled Nintendo’s Pokemon Go Wins With Technology & Nostalgia mention the success of Nintendo Pokemon Go is utilizing two advantages : technology and nostalgia.

I personally agree with Gary Vaynerchuck. Nintendo excellence with the revolutionary idea of augmented reality provides a clear competitive advantage. not to mention the google maps technology that support the smooth experience for gamers in playing Pokemon Go. From the nostalgia aspect, Pokemon Go has its own advantages. Pokemon has become a brand that is known by the world community through the presence of its predecessor games, movies and cartoon series, as well as merchandise that has been sold with a quite fantastic sales figures.

Viewed from the perspective of consumer behavior, particularly in view that consumer behavior is driven by internal factors, Pokemon Go has a distinct advantage in the aspect of memory, where most of the world community already know the Pokemon characters, and therefore Nintendo does not have to bother anymore to tell the world who is the Pokemon. What would be considered as a problem is the aspect of learning. Where the concept of augmented reality is really a new concept.

Erwen Zhu in his article titled Pokemon GO – Revolution in Mobile Gaming? at first glance, probably can give you an idea about this. He mentioned that successfull mobile deviced game is divided into two major categories. The first is a game that has very easy to learn and play gameplay. The first category can be found in games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush. The second is the game with a gameplay that challenges to be conquered-based and real time strategy. The second category can be found in games like Clash of Clans.

Pokemon Go can be categorized as a game with a very simple gameplay. You just have to walk and walk to search for Pokemon, and then put it into a ball called Pokeballs, develop Pokemon and duel with other gamers in the gym mode to continue to develop other Pokemon. Not too difficult actually.

However that might be considered difficult, is because we are always required to move and move in search of Pokemon, or meet up with other gamers, meaning that we are required to socialize as much as possible. Here is where Jan Rezab opinion meets its relevance. Many gamers prefer to sit down in a chair in front of a computer, or television or even sitting holding a smartphone while playing with other gamers. Contrary to the Jan Rezab opinion, i even consider Pokemon Go as a true definition of online games that truly mobile. The purpose of the online game is to bring the gamers together in the same platforms. And Pokemon Go allows gamers to meet online and in real time at the same time.

Viewed from the perspective of consumer behavior is driven by external factors, we have seen the presence of Pokemon characters received by the various parts of the world culture. We have also seen that Pokemon has been accepted by various people from various demographic factors and social class. Community Pokemon fan base is also very large. The next step is how Nintendo utilize all of those positive factors in order to be converted to make Pokemon Go accepted by the world community and not just talk about it, but also download and play it.


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